Site-specific intervention in the reservoir of Ses Artigues at Alaró, Mallorca.

"In a reservoir located near the Cova de sa Font de ses Artigues, one finds the floating legs and penis of a character whose body, we imagine, is inserted into the side of the hill named Mola de Sa Bastida. The lower limbs, made from polystyrene foam tubes, reed and strings, form a drawing that gently sways on the surface of the water. The mere presence of the legs turns the reservoir into a bathtub, in which rests (or rather, lies) a man of gigantic proportions. Santiago Morilla has chosen a secluded corner of Alaró (Mallorca) to create and place this piece, which would usually be described as a site-specific intervention, an artwork that is made for this space and these coordinates, constructed with somewhat precarious materials – «in the way of Thor Heyerdahl,» according to Morilla– and partly inspired by memories lived in these mountains twenty years ago. A floating drawing made of raft-like legs whose presence is highlighted by the bright yellow tubes suspended over the green background of the reservoir. But also, an intervention that is meant to be invisible: on one side, the chosen location is quite hidden; on the other, the drawing can only be properly seen from the air. And finally, this artwork is meant to be invisible because its existence is, as that of any living being, necessarily ephemeral. (...)"

Txt / Project curated by PAU WAELDER + EDITORIAL: VB exposición visible / INVISIBLE BATH
Exhibition "El paisaje ortopédico" at Twin Gallery, Madrid (January 16th, 2014)

INVISIBLE BATHINVISIBLE BATH HD photo (variable dimensions) INVISIBLE BATHINVISIBLE BATH Work in progress docs.