"Diálogo entre casas reales" / "Dialogue between Royal (real) houses"

Site-specific intervention during SCARPIA XIV on two roofstops at El Carpio, Córdoba, Spain.
SCARPIA collection of Contemporary Art.
July 2015.

Project curated by Miguel Ángel Moreno Carretero

The irony and the absurd: In the town of El Carpio the real estate and business heritage of the DUCHY of ALBA is overwhelming, practically everything your eyes can "see" belongs to them. Two old women, the (Royal) duchess and the (real) neighbor are in permanent allegory of the deaf dialogue (up-down, right-left) integrated in the digital cartography of the village...

Geo Location: 37.940661, -4.499956

The deaf dialogue:
They are still talking, not listening to each other...

BELVEDERE point of view with...BELVEDERE point of view with... WHITE WIG (of the duchess of ALBA) Satellite view Satellite view   Work in progressWork in progress   Drone viewDrone view