Video-performance and geo-referenced drawings with a customized greenhouse-bike.
October, 2018

Locative Breathing connected a “Canarian Drago” plant (Dracaena draco) placed in a mobile greenhouse with the cyclist mask through a flexible tuve. This connection generated a mutual feedback between the cyclist's exhaled CO2 and the oxygen produced by the Drago and, of course, a local (and symbolic) immersion in the sensitive nature of the plant itself. A symbolic statement about the concept of human interdependence and interference in site-specific (and community-specific) adaptations of both natural and cultural environments.

This collaborative project –specially designed for the Canarian community of Las Palmas– was also a playful invitation to pedal and breathe together in and with the very essence of the Canarian natural heritage, while generating new exhibition routes in the city. The performance took place on October 16th, 2018, in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

Curatorship: PSJM (Pablo San José and Cynthia Viera).

Single-channel Video Artwork (2' 05")

Documentation (still image)Documentation (still image) Photo by Yon Bengoechea Desktop viewDesktop view Work progress and GPS drawings Documentation (still image)Documentation (still image) Photo by Yon Bengoechea

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