Permanent intervention with thermoplastic paint on the rooftop of CCC Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca.
September, 2013.

Based on the public iconography of bodies jumping off Twin Towers on 9/11 (The Falling man), "High Society" structures a choreographic dialogue from the threads of the hand to the foot of the puppet, from a "private heaven" to the public and bloody stained floor.

The hand that pulls the strings of culture... visible only from the air and Google Earth. Aerial intervention placed on rooftop and site-specific indoor installation with video and drawings at Pelaires Art Center, Mallorca..

Project curated by: Gómez de la Cuesta

Geo Location: 39°34'12.8"N 2°38'54.8"E

Satellite view Satellite view (zoom 01 & 02) Aerial PHOTO HDAerial PHOTO HD 1/5 uds. Aerial PHOTO HDAerial PHOTO HD 1/3 uds. “High Society FALLS” Figure 01“High Society FALLS” Figure 01 150x200cms Drawing “High Society FALLS” Figure 02“High Society FALLS” Figure 02 150x200cms Drawing General view of the showGeneral view of the show   General view of the showGeneral view of the show   “High Society FALLS” Fig.03 + video“High Society FALLS” Fig.03 + video 200x150cms Drawing + Video 1/5uds "New financial temple"New financial temple's main figs" 30x21 cms Drawings

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