Fund a forest

Cartographies of reforestation: Site-specific tree planting and "Ecoventions" (installations and drawings).
(Ongoing project)

Fund a forest (Fundar un bosque), brings together the set of works and specific interventions conducted during the last two years around the concept of landscape pollution as a moral boundary and the social activism of artistic production. For the artist, planting a tree today is a radically revolutionary action that is not nai?f or romantic; on the contrary, it is an immersion into a context that is not only ecological, but also judicial and political. Santiago Morilla has been planting hundreds of trees in the mountains of Madrid and the meadows of Zamora, and this process has been documented graphically through video with the help of "insemination drones" and customized planting guide prototypes. For this exhibition, Santiago Morilla built several installations or self-sufficient portable greenhouses that are watered and illuminated with pedal-powered machines. The videos, processes and drawings that document the specific interventions are also on display.

"Fund a forest" Exhibition at Fernando Pradilla, Madrid (15/9/16 - 15/10/2016)