Video-Performances, bike-tours and geo-referenced drawings on public spaces.
(Ongoing project)

With its mobile greenhouses, DERIVAS BABILÓNICAS invite to "ride your plants through the city" with a playful strategy of visibilization and occupation of urban space.
This project aims to facilitate individual reflection on the act of exposing oneself and looking in the mirror, on visual relationships between us and them, on the audience in public spaces. It is an attempt to recover a certain awareness of occupancy, of presence, of looking, of being looked at and to allow us to see ourselves as necessary political actions.

DERIVAS BABILÓNICAS / "Peep Show" residence and exhibition at CENTRE ARTS SANTA MÓNICA, Barcelona (03-30.04.2017)

Project curated by Jordi Pallarés

Two Single-channel Video Artworks
Making of DERIVAS BABILÓNICAS + DERIVAS BABILONIAS INTITUCIONALES: "Reeducar a las plantas en prácticas artísticas institucionales”

“Invernadero móvil” READY TO GO“Invernadero móvil” READY TO GO Sculpture 220 x 170 x 70 cms "Enseñar a circular a las plantas""Enseñar a circular a las plantas" Video-sequence (4’ 32’’) “Invernadero móvil" INDOOR“Invernadero móvil" INDOOR Sculpture 220 x 170 x 70 cms Solar prototype + Irrigation walkerSolar prototype + Irrigation walker Prototypes under construction “Andador con jardín vertical”“Andador con jardín vertical” Sculpture 140 x 60 x 70 cms "Reeducar a las plantas""Reeducar a las plantas" Video-sequence (2’ 23’’) “Invernadero móvil” OUTDOOR“Invernadero móvil” OUTDOOR Sculpture 220 x 170 x 70 cms

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