CMD + (fig) = FINAL PLAY

Site specific project and drawing performance: Collecting plastic from the beach, Bilbao. Spain.
March 2015.

The beach was cleaned to collect the same stuff that always appears in the stomachs of whales... PLASTIC, what else? This is the FINAL PLAY: The LOOP ziggurat figure appears as the center hub of the collapse prediction in front of the (mother) sea.

FINAL Play Figures (drawing performance at Sopelana beach + Glicée print + 2 beach sand sculptures + video performance) is an exhibition project about the finitude and ephemerality of things but, above all, it is about our own emotional, social and political inability and resistance to process, evaluate and overcome all that ends or should end.

Project curated by Jordi Pallarés + FINAL Exhibition at SC GALLERY, Bilbao (13/3 - 5/6/2015)

"FINAL Play""FINAL Play" Drawing performance SKETCH "FINAL PLAY CATALOG""FINAL PLAY CATALOG" Edited by VB & SC Gallery "FINAL PLAY SET""FINAL PLAY SET" Glicée print + Looped video set "FINAL PLAY SCULPTURES""FINAL PLAY SCULPTURES" COMMAND + Z beach sand sculptures